Unit SummaryEdit

Kronus Pattern Chimera is a Chimera variant that trades some transport capabilities for more firepower and health. It doesn't require any add-ons to be built in the Mechanized Command.

Unit InfoEdit

Kronus Pattern Chimera is capable of transporting one infantry squad. It's armed with:

- a turret mounted Autocannon

- a hull mounted Heavy Bolter (upgrades to a Heavy Flamer)

Additionaly if Kronus Pattern Chimera has units mounted, the units can use hull mounted Multi-lasers to increase its firepower. It can use Smoke Launchers and Nervegas Launchers if the required researches are completed.

Unit StatsEdit

Transport Slots: 1

Sight Radius: 30

Abilities: Bumper Mode || Smoke Launchers (requires Wargear:Smoke Launchers) || Nervegas Launchers (requires Nervegas Launchers Research in 1,73)