Jain Zar2 7th Ed

Jain Zar, Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees

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Summary Edit

The Eldar are an ancient alien race whose vast empire once expanded the width and breadth of the known galaxy. Their empire was without equal, and they counted themselves masters of the stars. But millennia ago, their overweening pride and their fall into hedonistic practices led to a cataclysm that all but eradicated their kind and led to the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh. Despite their boundless power, the heart of their civilisation was torn out by this catastrophe of their own making, forcing the surviving Eldar to flee upon gigantic starships called Craftworlds. Now they cling to survival by a thread, fighting the horrors of the galaxy with ritualised discipline and consummate skill. Though highly advanced and feared across the galaxy, the Eldar are a dying race -- a shadow of their former glory -- their race teeters on the brink of annihilation.

In-Game Edit

One of their biggest assets include the ability to teleport buildings through the webway to relocate them, preferably in safer places. Another strategy the Eldar can employ is cloaking their structures via Webway Gates.

Eldar Tech Tree: Edit

Eldar jpeg-0

Eldar Arsenal: (WIP) Edit


TIER 0: Webway Assembly Edit

UNITS: Rangers | Dire Avengers | Howling Banshees | Jetbike | Bonesinger | Guardian Defenders | Storm Guardians | Autarch

STRUCTURES: Webway Assembly | Aspect Portal | Soul Shrine | Webway Gate | Support Platform | Mine Field | Listening Shrine | Plasma Generator

ADDONS: War Shrine

RESEARCH: Aspect Stones: Dire Avenger | Howling Banshee

ling Waystation | Relocation Matrix | Shroud Ability

Infiltration Research

Fleet of Foot | Plasma Grenade


TIER I: Soul Shrine Edit

UNITS: Corsair | Dark Reapers | Striking Scorpions | Swooping Hawks | Wave Serpent | Falcon Grav Tank | Vyper | Nightwing | Wraithlord | War Walker

STRUCTURES: Support Portal | Heavy Weapons Support Platform | Thermo Plasma Generator

ADDONS: Vibrocannon Upgrade | Shadow Weaver Upgrade | D-Cannon Upgrade | Probe Add-on

RESEARCH: Aspect Stones: Dark Reapers | Swooping Hawks | Striking Scorpions | Vyper | Nightwing | Wraithlord | War Walker

Vehicle Holo-Fields | Star Engines | Nightwing Regeneration | Fortified Defenses Research (Turrets)

Mysticism | Imbue: Fortune | Imbue: Wraithtomb | Imbue: Bonesong

Wargear: Reinforced Armor | Wargear: Enhanced Optics

Wargear: Stun Grenades | Haywire Bombs Research

Call of War Research | Death Omen Research | Vengeful Persistence Research


TIER II: Mobilize for War Edit

UNITS: Seer Council | Harlequins | Fire Dragons | Warp Spiders | Nightspinner

STRUCTURES: Shrine of the Wailing Doom | Shrine of the Laughing God


RESEARCH: Aspect Stones: Harlequins | Fire Dragons | Warp Spiders | Nightspinner

Improved Fleet of Foot | Heavily Reinforced Defenses Research

Wargear: Enhanced Reinforced Armor | Wargear: Superior Optics | Antigravity Grenades | Warlock Witch Blades Upgrade

Harlequin Stealth Stone | Heart of Khaine


TIER III: Annihilate the Enemy Edit

UNITS: Wraithguard | Fire Prism | Soul Walker | Avatar of Khaine | Cegorach the Laughing God | Storm Serpent Super-Heavy | Scorpion Super-Heavy Tank | Void Spinner Super-Heavy

STRUCTURES: Heavy Support Portal | Support Platform Uber Turret


RESEARCH: Aspect Stones: Wraithguard | Fire Prism | Soul Walker

Super-Heavy Holo Field | Tier I Relics


TIER IV : Exterminate and Conquer Edit

UNITS: Ancient Wraithguard | Ancient Wraithlord | Cobra Super-Heavy | Revenant Titan | Phantom Titan | Airborn Phoenix | Vampire Raider

STRUCTURES: Soulstone (Webway Assembly Ability) | Websail | Eldritch Spire

ADDONS: D-Cannon Upgrade

RESEARCH: Aspect Stones: Ancient Wraithguard | Ancient Wraithlord

Superweapons: Eldritch Cannon | Eldritch Tempest

Khaine's Glorious Champion | Autarch Stealth Stone | Tier II Relics

Structural Integrity Stone | Healing Waystation Stone | Shroud Ability Stone | Sight Enhancement Stone


TIER V : Apocalypse Edit




RESEARCH: Imbue: The Phoenix | Imbue: The Revenant | Imbue: The Phantom

Eldritch Cataclysm Summoning

END GAMERS: Eldritch Cataclysm (win button)