"Our hunt begins"

 Description Edit

Fire Warriors are a basic ranged infantry unit of the Tau Empire. Like most Tau units, they are terrible at melee combat but they are capable of doing considerable damage at range. Starting out with pulse carbines and four units, they can be reinforced up to eight units and can be upgraded to have up to eight pulse rifles which have more range and damage than carbines but require a small set up time.

In battle, it is recommended you support fire warriors with Broadside teams to deal with vehicles and Kroot carnivores to deal with any melee units as well as to tie up enemy forces so the fire warriors can shoot them easily.

Leaders Edit

-Fire Warrior Shas'ui can throw Photon and EMP Grenades farther than other Fire Warriors

-Shield Drone generates a shield that decreases amount of taken ranged damage

-Healer Drone heals nearby units

-Marker Drone that increases accuracy and can use Mark Target (if Target Lock has been researched)

Upgrades Edit

Abilities: Edit

|| Photon Grenades || EMP Grenades || Snare Trap || Mark Target (with Mark Drone)

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