"Our deaths will be magnificent!"

Unit Summary Edit

The IG priest is a strong support unit which gives plently of passive buffs to an attached squad. Being An overzealous and fanatical individual he increases the morale, health and damage to the squad he's attached to. A lesser known fact is that he also gives a large speed bonus which makes units run nearly as fast as the RUN!!! ability. Upon reaching tier 2 (Regimental Command) he can use the fanaticism ability which makes him and any attached squad invulnerable for a short period of time while also fully restoring the squad's morale. He is armed with a "blessed" chainsaw which he must hold with two hands, because of this he has no ranged attack.

Ogryns are known to be a great unit to attach a priest to because of their melee prowess and high resilience. While Ogryns by themselves are quite slow, an attached priest removes that downside with his speed bonus.

Abilities Edit

He doubles the health and morale of a squad. He also provides them with a double attack bonus which increases their damage by at least 50% and a 33% speed bonus.

Has no aura, so his bonuses can only affect one squad, not several units like the standard bearer and field medic can.