"To set fire to the sun..."

Summary Edit

Ryan likes to think of himself as the middle man, a calm peacekeeper that keeps the group from ripping each other's throats out, but between bouts of wanting to set fire to the sun and playing World War 2 Germany at every opportunity he gets, it's clear this guy is the most blood thirsty of the lot. Whether's he trying to keep naval combat relevant, or prove human supremacy, you can bet your bottom dollar he's scheming a way to stab you in the back.

Trivia Edit

  • His favourite faction in Warhammer 40000 is Necrons (lore wise)/Imperial Guard (gameplay wise)
  • Has a habit of making up words
  • Cannot properly say or enunciate the word "remember"
  • Is not a fan of predator missiles dropping on his head
  • Is not a fan of having his care packages stolen
  • Likes to name the Executor class SSD from Star Wars 'the Pride of Kuat'
  • Enjoys quoting Deidara (Naruto) by saying "Art is an explsion!" much to Trentin's chagringe
  • Has every care package stolen.