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Soul Cataclysm

Also known as "The Win Button" of the Dark Eldar, the Soul Cataclysm is one of the cheapest but hardest to get superweapons in the game. The Soul Cataclysm is a living "unit" that is able to travel around the globe all by itself killing off units in its path. It lays destruction to everything over time...

The Soul Cataclysm however requires a "food source" or it will die. It needs to regenerate its health or your win button will eventually fade away. To get its health back, all you have to do is move the Soul Cataclysm into its "feeding grounds" (attack enemy units or structures with it), that is it. The more enemies within the area of affect, the less the win button's health gets depleted (or even regenerate its health if the quantity of enemy objects is really high in numbers).

Soul Cataclysm wrecking havoc

The Soul Cataclysm can be created by the Kabal Citadel. It is a win button because it annihilates things endlessly until it dies. The Soul Cataclysm can throw enemies up into the air, draining their health, and can be spawned in numbers unlike every single superweapon in the game (besides the Eldar's Eldritch Cataclysm). The Soul Cataclysm can be seen in pairs of one or more during the very end of any game. But seeing it is rare, and if seen, you better kill off the Dark Eldar as fast as possible or it is game over. Hopefully with luck, the win button does not kill off all of your stuff before it dies.

Statistics: Edit

Requires: All 5 donation of souls research.

Costs 5,000 + 1,000 + 2,000 + 3,000 + 4,000 + 5,000 (research cumulative) souls.

Can be selected and controlled like a unit.

Blast radius: 65 meters with leaching capabilities of restoring health. Can attack enemies with its secondary weapons at long range.

Health degeneration modifier: -100 per second.

Unable to be attacked. Armor: invulnerable

Can damage allied as well as enemy units.

Can be deepstriked.

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