The Soul Tempest acts similarly to a Chaos Warp Storm and an Eldritch Tempest combined into one deadly blast of destruction. The Soul Tempest is one of the best superweapons in the game, able to shrek bases with heavy damage in the beginning with a bonus of purple colored lightning strikes and mist continuously damaging enemies over time. The superweapon does not cost requisition or power, but can be hard to obtain if the player uses soul abilities often or does not gather enough soul resource to fire the standard superweapon!

The superweapon can be fired from the Kabal Citadel (superstructure) after a 5 minute wait time of constructing the superweapon.

Soul Tempest


Costs: 2,500 souls, 5 minute wait time

Blast radius: 50 (heavy damage), 90 (lightning strikes mild damage)

Duration lasts for 30 seconds.

Destroys all units up to Warhound class titans

Destroys most medium armored structures, all turret like structures, hardly harms HQs.

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