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The iconic builders and machine shepherds of the imperial guard, but a small cog in the cult mechanicus, the foundation of battles in the guard. Aside from their regular bonus of repairing faster than other workers, they can also be gifted a cheap upgrade that increases their building and repair speed by a large margin while boosting their health and attack power tremendously - which so just happens to be available right away in the tactica control. However, it is still not recommended to take on enemy squads with only techpriests, especially if they have lots of anti infantry weapons. Instead, use them to fend of units using jumps and teleports to bypass your defenses or focus down an encroaching hero unit. Alternatively, bring them along for pushing. You can have a maximum of 8, and half of them is enough to protect the base from most threats, assuming you've placed your defenses properly. The other half can support infantry, repair armored vehicles, and build fortifications and listening outposts on conquered ground. Their versatility makes them indispensable and foolish would he be, the commander who does not keep them close to his guardsmen and armor.

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