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Tyranid Warrior

The Tyranids, also known as The Great Devourer are an extragalactic alien race with the sole purpose of devouring all forms of genetic and biological material in the Galaxy. They do this in order to reproduce and evolve. All Tyranid technology and weaponry is entirely biological and engineered to suit specific means. Every living creature in a Tyranid Hive Fleet, from the smallest spore to the largest hive ship is directed by the Hive Mind. The Tyranids are seen as one of the gravest threats to the Galaxy. They seek only to consume all organic life and cannot be reasoned with or deterred from its objective. Worse still for the Galaxy, the Tyranid Hive Fleets that have been encountered are merely the furthest stretched tendril of the main invasion fleet that is still traveling in the void of space.

The origins of the Tyranids are not yet clear, aside from the fact that they are not native to the Milky Way Galaxy and have only arrived recently. This means that the Tyranids have traveled for untold millennia to reach this galaxy and although they are able to travel faster than light using Hive Ships called Narvhals, this is slower then warp travel which is utilized by most of the other races. It is unknown which galaxy they originated from, how long they have existed or how many Galaxies they have devoured.

The Tyranid Strategy of battle is "quantity has a quality of its own" from the millions of Hormagaunts and Termagaunts to the giant hulking Carnifex, and perfer to swarm their opponets with overwelming numbers. The reason they have chose to come to the milky way is ultimately unknown, however many believe they are drawn by the Holy Emperors psychic presence in the warp. They may have also come simply to feed anew.

The first recorded presence of the Tyranids was in 745.M41 on an ocean world known as Tyran. Hive Fleet Behemoth cut a bloody swath straight into the center of the galaxy until they were finnally defeated during the Battle of Macragge by the Ultramarines chapter. This feat, however, caused the Ultramarines to suffer devastating losses which would take centuries to replace, even the chapter master was left wounded. In 942.M41 Hive Fleet Kraken emerged from the edge of the galaxy and began the slaughter anew. The brunt of this new attack was borne by the Space Marine Chapters known as the Scythes of the Emperor and the Lamenters; the former Chapter was almost completely destroyed. However the Fleet was finally destroyed during the Battle of Ichar IV at the Eldar Craftworld Iyanden. In such a short time later, however, Hive Fleet Leviathan came out of seemingly nowhere, and just when the strength of possibly Holy Terra would be tested, Hive Fleet Leviathan was distracted by a large Ork empire. It is likely however, that they will come out of the battle stronger than ever, having absorbed ork genetic material.

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Tyranid Invasion

Do you want to drown your enemies with hoards of claws? Do you wish to keep the pressure on them? Do you like having huge armies of full organic material completely invincible to those pesky Lascannons and anti-vehicle weapons?! Then this Race is for you! The Tyranids are a faction that favours quantity over quality, similar to Orks. Tyranids are also very adaptable and able to field varied units that can be upgraded to counter the constantly changing battlefield.

The Tyranids have no vehicles, instead they have monstrous creatures such as the carnifex or Trygon. As such, anti-vehicle weaponry such as lascannons are ineffective. However, because every Tyranid, even their structures, are alive, anti-infantry weapons and units are very effective. So an army completely armed with flamers will make short work of Tyranids.

Their listening posts don't have any turrets on them, instead they have toxic miasma, which is similar, but not quite as good since it requires them to be fairly close to the structure. Tyranids have global abilities they can launch from their hive mind to that can undermine their enemy such as damaging their morale or slowing their production times.

The Tyranid Hive Mind can also deploy three superweapons, each are devastating in their own right. They include the Bio-bomb, which is a large explosion dropping down three turrets and spreading toxic miasma, They also have a meteor storm, which does a devastating amount of damage and spawns capillary towers which give resources. Their final super weapon allows them to call down the hive fleet, allowing a huge cloud of toxic miasma to spawn where you can create units for decreased costs, Although it requires feeding it enemy units.

Overall, Tyranids are a very adaptable army that relies on swarm tactics to win. However, this means that a Tyranid player will need lots of units and will have to constantly keep their numbers. A Tyranid player also needs to watch out for anti-infantry weaponry.

Technology Tree Edit


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Statistics: (WIP) Edit


TIER 0 Edit

UNITS: Genestealers | Spinegaunts | Termagaunts | Hormagaunts | Lictor | Ripper Swarm | Hive Tyrant

STRUCTURES: Hive Spire | Gaunt hive | Brood hive | Spore Chimney | Bio Plasma Turret | Reclimation Pool

ADDONS: Spore Chimney Fortified

RESEARCH: Genestealer acclimatization I | Gaunt acclimatization I | Lictor Acclimatization I | Established Link (Tier I)



UNITS: Spore Cluster | Gargoyles | Screamer Killer | Hellfex | Broodlord | Raveners | Warriors

STRUCTURES: Magma Vent | Carnifex Chamber

ADDONS: Spore Chimney Heavily Fortified | Bio Acid Spore Mine

RESEARCH: Increased Requisition Income I | Increased Power Income I | Biomorph-Termagaunt Devourer | Biomorph-Hormagaunt Adrenal Glands | Gaunt Acclimatization II | Lictor Acclimatization II | Genestealer Acclimatization II | Biomorph-Ripper Swarm Leaping | Biomorph-Ripper Swarm Toxin Sacs | Perfect Link (Tier II) | Gaunt Acclimatization III | Lictor Acclimatization III



UNITS: Biovores



RESEARCH: Biomorph-Strengthen Synapse Aura | Biomorph-Strengthen Toxic Miasma | Increased Power Income II | Increased Requisition Income II | Genestealer Acclimatization III | Planetary Harvest (Tier III) | Biomorph-Carnifex Extended Carapace | Biomorph-Carnifex Regeneration | Biomorph-Carnifex Toxic Miasma | Biomorph-Carnifex Implant Attack | Warrior Adrenal Glands | Biomorph-Warrior Extended Carapace | Biomorph-Warrior Fleet of Claw



UNITS: Zoanthrope | Carnifex | Trygon

STRUCTURES: Tunnel Warrens


RESEARCH: Increased Power Income III | Increased Requisition Income III | Tier I Relics | Planetary Assimilation (Tier IV)



UNITS: Hierophant Bio Titan

STRUCTURES: Captillary Tower


RESEARCH: Increased Power Income IV | Increased Requisition Income IV | Tier II Relics

END GAMERS: Bio Bomb | Planetary Bombardment | Spawn The Hive Fleet