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A hub for information and resources pertaining to the Ultimate Apocalypse game modification for the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm real-time strategy game on the PC.
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The Ultimate Apocalypse Mod team proudly presents to the Dawn of War: Soulstorm players and fans an eagerly awaited and packed with epic content game experience: the Ultimate Apocalypse Mod! Imagine a mod featuring massive Warhammer: 40,000 battles where all 9 races in Soulstorm (and more!) have a chance at epic victory. A mod where there's no shortage of all new units, buildings, abilities, and even titans! A mod where there's nearly no limits holding you back. It's all about all out, massive war.

Wanna nuke your enemies? You can. Gloriously epic titan duels are your thing? Ultimate Apocalypse has you covered. Not only that, but Ultimate Apocalypse is continuously tested to ensure the epic battle experience it delivers remains unique while being completely awesome. Thanks to you (yes, you!) and everyone playing, Ultimate Apocalypse has been steady within the top 20 ranked mods for years.

We are currently seeking Wiki help!Edit

Website under construction1

There is a bunch of content, loads of it that the Ultimate Apocalypse mod contains that needs to be implemented on the Wiki. We need your help to add content to this web page, as with just a few of us, it will take a very, very long time to get done. Feel free to change anything, feel free to post anything you like on this web page and treat it like your own guide. So take a look around! We won't bite... ...much. xD

Thanks a lot for reading!

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March 24th, 2015 - Lord Cylarne

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March News - About The Hunt Begins Grand Release Edit

Thanks to Jordan Lane aka Smoothrunes, a Wikipedia was established roughly two weeks ago and the Wikipedia page is a good place to go to look up anything and everything about the Ultimate Apocalypse mod! It has forums, it has pages of interest, it has videos, screenshots, and tons more! So this is a newly created webpage. The page is under construction and we need your help finishing it!

May 5th, 2015 - Lord Cylarne

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May News - About The Hunt Begins Grand Release Edit

This update will feature how the mod is coming along directly. We are now in gamma stages of the mod, and it is time to tell the fans of UA mod where we are at. PS: Future armies will be shown in army painter.

May 28th, 2015 - Smoothrunes/Jordan

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The Hunt Begins Has Officially Released Edit

The long awaited huge update for the Ultimate Apocalypse mod has landed! In accordance, people now have full permission from the team to start updating the Daemons and Inquisition factions. Also, the old factions will now need updating for the changes made to them in THB.


April 15th, 2015 - Lord Cylarne
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We created a new donation page. Edit

Donate to the Apocalypse mod team today!

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