"The true power of the Dark Eldar, has finally been unleashed!"

Summary: Edit

The Dark Eldar's titans such as a Void Dragon Phoenix is a titanic flying aircraft that can lay waste with devastating firepower from above. Equipped with two Greater Dark Lances and dual Heavy Splinter Cannons, the Void Dragon Phoenix is utmost deadly versus all armor types, that if, all else fails, the Void Dragon Phoenix is equipped with a mini nuke (The Bomb) costing a lot of souls. This titan is the second best aircraft unit in the game, one below the Tau Manta.

Statistics: Edit

Type: Titan (Aircraft)

Prerequisites: 8 vehicle cap.

Produced from: Corrupted Websail (Tier IV)

Costs: 1730 requisition, 4700 power, 1500 souls, 228 second build time.

Effective against: All

Special abilities: Jumps to any location on the map | Devastation Bomb | Direct spawns Raven aircraft.

Weapon upgrades: None

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