Summary Edit

Dark Eldar Warriors are the primary infantry units of the Drukhari Kabals. These cruel, power-hungry fighters are eager in their pursuit to inflict pain on their foes, swooping into the fray to deal death with great speed and retreating before they can be challenged.

Tactics Edit

What poor health the Warriors have is made up for in damage. Combined with Fleet of Foot, Dark Eldar Warriors are fast and agile and can sprint in and out of combat, picking away at enemy health and fleeing if caught in the fire.

They should not be alone in their efforts however. Due to their weak health and poor melee weapons, Warriors should always be accompanied by close combat troops like Hellions or the Archon to absorb enemy fire and distract enemy squads from targeting them. They are especially weak at overcoming enemies with higher health as even two squads of Warriors will have trouble taking down one squad of Space Marines without suffering casualties.

Range can also be a problem with the Warriors' Splinter Rifles, requiring that they draw closer to the action and risk being a target. However with a Sybarite accompanying them, useful grenades can be thrown within that short distance to help turn the tables on nearby foes. Aside from the morale crippling Terrorfex Grenade, Warriors are among the few of the Dark Eldar armies to carry Corrosion Grenades which make unlucky enemies more susceptible to incoming fire as well as Anti-Grav Grenades which can knock back charging enemies, allowing for the Warriors to escape.

Another useful advantage the Warriors have is a high number of weaponry to equip. Although Splinter Cannons can deal damage at twice the effectiveness as the Splinter Rifle, Dark Lances are much more favorable as they help counter vehicles early in battle and their long range help to keep the Warriors at a safer distance. This also lets Scourges utilize more of their Splinter Cannons to deal with infantry units.

Squad Leaders Edit

Maximum Squad Leaders Allowed: 1

Leader sybarite-1548124721

Abilities Edit

Ability fleet of foot-1

Weapons Edit

Weapon splinter rifle warrior
Weapon knife warrior-0

Weapon Upgrades Edit

Maximum Weapon Upgrades Allowed: 4

Weapon splinter cannon warrior-0
Weapon dark lance scourage-0
Weapon poisoned blade warrior-2
Weapon poisoned blade improved warrior-2

Researchable Upgrades Edit

Research fleet of foot warrior-0
Research poisoned blades 1 warrior-0
Research poisoned blades 2 warrior-1
Research wraithbone woven battlesuits 1 warrior-2
Research wraithbone woven battlesuits 2 warrior-3
Research soulseeker ammunition 1 warrior-2
Research soulseeker ammunition 2 warrior-3
Research splinter pulse booster 1 warrior-3
Research splinter pulse booster 2 warrior-1548442703
Research headgear enhancements 1 warrior
Research headgear enhancements 2 warrior-0

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